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Chromatic Harmonies
Dominant Seventh Chord
Harmonic Progression
How to Teach Macro Analysis
Introduction to the Macro Technique
Leading Tone Seventh Chords
More to think about
Nondominant Seventh Chords
Secondary Dominants


The materials on the Buy cheap viagra online us introduced two of the three components of letter analysis; letter names and roman numerals. Now let's add the final component to put the complete system together.

One of the strongest forces that drives music is harmony. In macro analysis we illustrate this motion by using slur markings. Draw a solid slur when chord roots move by either an ascending fourth or a descending fifth, and a dotted slur for chord progressions involving leading-tone chords. Even though the vii░ chord can function in the same manner as the V, it is not a true V chord, so we mark it with a different type of slur. Attach these slur markings to the letter names representing each chord (letter names were discussed on the previous page). Thus, the system is made up of three components which together form the two lines of the analysis system. These components appear in the following order under the music score:

Component Notation Position Purpose
1 Letter Line 1 States the pitch name of the chord.
2 Slur Below line 1 Shows harmonic motion.
3 Roman numerals and inversions Line 2 Illustrates relationship to tonic.

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