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Chromatic Harmonies
Dominant Seventh Chord
Harmonic Progression
How to Teach Macro Analysis
Introduction to the Macro Technique
Leading Tone Seventh Chords
More to think about
Secondary Dominants

Nondominant Seventh Chords

To analyze nondominant seventh chords in macro analysis:

  1. Choose the type of letter name that represents the triad type included in the seventh chord and add a "7" to that letter name.

    Example - a ii7 in the key of C major would be represented as d7.

  2. Determine the correct roman numeral for the chord, and include inversions if necessary.
  3. Include slurs as needed.

Handel: Harpsichord Suite no. 6 in F-Sharp Minor, III (Allegro), m. 30-32.

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