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MACRO Circular Opus 1

Spring 1996

Introducing the MACRO board OR Just a few insights into the human side of the current members of the MACRO board

Bruce Benward-is the person responsible for inventing the macro system. He is also responsible for mentoring Jamie Henke, Marilyn Saker and Gene Trantham, which may explain some of the items included below! Warren Gooch was "corrupted" while he served as Dr. Benward's teaching assistant.

Warren Gooch-holds the MACRO record for number of unusual pets. He just moved into a new house surrounded by a "moat of mud." He is on sabbatical this semester hanging out at Camp Snoopy and writing a wind (hot air) symphony, that will include aleatoric passages his son has been adding when Dad isn't looking.

Jamie Henke-one of the more eclectic members of this eclectic group. Her office decor includes Monet, Van Gogh, and the Tasmanian Devil. You can decide which one most aptly fits her personality!

Marilyn Saker-by far the nicest person on the board. Her goal this semester is to learn to say no. She shared an office with Jamie Henke when they were both graduate students. If her desk wouldn't have been so neat, Jamie's wouldn't have looked so messy!

Gene Trantham-the MACRO record- holder for number of car accidents in one year. (None his fault). It's Gene's job to keep the rest of us respectable. Thus far he has met with only limited success however! Gene is the only member of MACRO to never have a bad hair day! Come to the workshop and find out why!

Please introduce yourself!! Send your paragraph in to Jamie Henke and we'll put it in the next newsletter.


Don't forget that the MACRO workshop is June 7-8. Even if you can't attend this year, don't forget to encourage other colleagues and students to come. Remember, the organization isn't just for music theorists or those who teach theory, but rather for all musicians. If you haven't already registered but plan on coming please send in your form as soon as possible. We do need to know if you are coming by the end of May in order to plan for the dinner.

MACRO Call for Manuscripts

The Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization invites musicians of all disciplines to submit manuscripts for publication in the new MACRO journal. Topics regarding any aspect of macro analysis and/or its application in all areas of music are welcomed. Submissions should include:

  • three copies of the manuscript without identification; and

  • a cover letter that identifies both the author and manuscript title.

Manuscripts should be typewritten, and double-spaced throughout. We will take submissions at any time, but the last day we can accept submissions for the first journal is June 1, 1996. Submissions received after this date will be held for consideration for the next journal.

Send submissions to: Marilyn Saker


Everyone in MACRO has been very busy!! We are going to need a bigger newsletter! We have tried to include something from everyone. We have many members who aren't represented here; please feel free to send items in at any time. If we have left anything out please let us know and we will put it in the next newsletter. Please list your activities in order of importance so that if space is limited we make sure to include the items most important to you.

Edward Walters reports... He was one of three judges for the Steenbock High school Competition Saturday, at MATC. On Feb 25 he played a Piano Dedication program at the Oakwood Village Resurrection Chapel, and on April 28 will perform a program for Classical Guitar and Piano with Jaime Guiscafre in St. Joseph's Chapel at Edgewood College, including solo piano works. Terry Barham is taking his family and choir to France and Spain in June for a singing tour! He will also be making a presentation at the National MTNA convention in March about the Music/Computer Lab at Emporia State Music Department. Gene Trantham's article entitled "An Analytical Approach to Seventeenth-Century Music: Exploring Inganni in Fantasia Seconda (1608) by Girolamo Frescobaldi" was published in College Music Symposium December of 1995. He also gave a presentation on Keyboard Harmony and Midi Technology for the Faculty Scholar Series at Bowling Green State University. (We suggest shorter article titles in the future.) Philip Kern played in the orchestra for the Phantom of the Opera when it came through Indianapolis, and is the musical director for the production of Cabaret at Marian College. Dan Sommerville just returned from an eleven-day concert tour to Florida with the Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra. He was also gracious enough to contribute our very first newsletter article. Thank you Dan! Marilyn Saker gave a Symposium on Macro Analysis at Eastern Michigan University. To date, as a result of the symposium, she has recruited (drafted) the most MACRO members and/or workshop participants.

Warren Gooch has given numerous presentations including topics such as composition for young students, macro analysis, and music by Missouri university composers. He served as judge of the regional student composition contest and on the program committee for the Great Plains College Music Society Conference. This spring he premiers a piece for trumpet and organ. Bruce Benward and Jamie Henke completed a set of macro-analysis materials to be included in the next edition of Music in Theory and Practice. The two of us and Marilyn Saker have currently joined forces to create a new music fundamentals package using CD-ROM technology.


This section of the newsletter will be devoted to letters to the editor. You can use this column to discuss ideas, communicate with other members, or for anything else you can think of!


Anything else we should include in the newsletter? Remember, we are all building this organization as we go along, so put in your suggestions!

Please let Jamie Henke know if you are interested in writing any portion of the MACRO Circular. Over time we hope to produce a newsletter that includes written contributions from many members.

Dear MACRO members,

As a part of a new organization, all of us are learning as we go along. Our goal is to provide a new opportunity for musicians of all backgrounds and experiences to interact and discuss ideas. We have a certain amount of support from the UW-Foundation, however most of that money will be used for the creation of the MACRO journal. For this reason, we have set several fees to help cover mailing and other costs. It has come to our attention that these fees have for various reasons prevented individuals, especially students, from joining MACRO. We will be re-examining the issue of fees at our next meeting in conjunction with the workshop. In the meantime, please be advised that we are waiving all or portions of the fees for people when the need arises.

The MACRO Board

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