Travel Reimbursement

The Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization (MACRO) provides three different levels of support for our member needs. These honorariums help to cover the costs incurred by members attending our Musician's Workshop. Important! This honorarium can only be awarded to individuals with a valid United States Social Security number.

Three levels of travel honorarium support are now available:

  1. $200 of travel money for those attending the workshop.
  2. $300 of support for those presenting during the "Pitches" session at the workshop.
  3. $400 of support for traditional presentation sessions. 

Important: Individuals who request travel honorarium funds must attend the entire workshop. Permission to miss a portion of the workshop due to scheduling issues must be negotiated in advance with the MACRO Chair.

Gene Benward Memorial Travel Honorarium

This award is dedicated to the memory of Gene Benward, an outstanding, charismatic, strong, and wonderful person who was a dear friend to many in MACRO. Her guidance, wisdom, strength, and business acumen have made our organization what it is today. During her lifetime, Gene Benward was an avid traveler. We can think of no better way to honor her memory than by providing the funds to make possible one of the activities Gene Benward enjoyed most throughout her life.

To be eligible for this award, you must:

  1. Be a member of MACRO.
  2. Present either a poster or regular session at our workshop.
  3. Demonstrate the need for more than $400 of travel support.

All travel honorariums can be used only for MACRO-related travel to our Musician's Workshop at Madison, Wisconsin. Travel honorariums may also be awarded in special cases for other workshops and conferences if you are presenting macro-analytical material at that meeting.


Travel honorariums are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so if at all possible, requests for travel funds should be submitted by May 1.

Please contact Jamie Henke for further information about travel reimbursement.

Application Form for Travel Reimbursement

I am applying for:
Up to $200 for attending—but not presenting at—a MACRO workshop. (Submit request by May 1.)
$300 for presenting during the “Pitches” session at a MACRO workshop. (Submit request by May 1.)
$400 for a traditional presentation at a MACRO workshop. (Submit request by May 1.)
The Gene Benward Memorial Travel Honorarium. (Your application should be received by April 1.)

Institutional Affiliation (if applicable)
Institutional Address
City State Zip
Work Phone

Home Address
City State Zip
Home Phone

Title of presentation or poster (if applicable):

Provide a short description of presentation or poster (if applicable) (maximum 1,000 characters):
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