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Chromatic Harmonies
Harmonic Progression
How to Teach Macro Analysis
Introduction to the Macro Technique
Leading Tone Seventh Chords
More to think about
Nondominant Seventh Chords
Secondary Dominants

Dominant Seventh Chord

Progressions including the dominant seventh chord are handled in the same manner as any V chord. For macro analysis, observe the following guidelines:

  1. For dominant seventh chords, include a "7" along with the letter name.

    Example: G7

  2. Numbers for inversions of the dominant seventh chord should be included with the roman numerals.

Remember, this analysis includes two lines. The top line is the non-traditional portion of the analysis and includes letter names and slurs. The lower line is the traditional analysis and includes roman numerals and inversion numbers. A macro analysis for a Joplin example appears below.

Joplin: "Maple Leaf Rag"

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